Changing your mindset for success – Keys to Succeed

Changing your mindset for success

First key to long term success get back up again.

Many people start out on a new endevour and are excited and determined to not only start out on there new journey but stick it out and achieve the success they want.

But somewhere along the way they can become stuck and get side tracked and totally off track.

Changing your mindset for success is the key to achieve your goals and helps you enjoy the journey along the way to success?

Have you heard the saying that if you just focus and set your mind you can achieve whatever you want in life?

Well this can also be true with fat loss, and shredding unwanted body fat, and gaining lean muscle, these goals can be achieved no matter how many times you have attempted it and failed.

So the good news is that success doesn’t come about when we simply try something and fail, had that been the case for Thomas Edison we may not have ever known about the light bulb and be sitting in the dark right now.

Success is even when you fail at something including fat loss and shedding that excess belly fat, but don’t give up and get discouraged and downhearted, but you work out where you failed the last time and put in strategies to not fail at the same point again but overcome those hurdles and obstacles and go further the next time around.

Many people have begun a New Year’s resolution and joined a gym and even work out every day for the first couple of weeks, maybe cause their friend talked them into it or they thought it was a good idea at the time, then don’t ever go back but continue to have their money debited every month.

That was me, I would lose some weight, then make excuses why I couldn’t continue to work out or get motivated to go to the gym, and then put even more weight back on then get discouraged and look in the mirror and feel even worst about myself as my pants where tight and my shirts didn’t fit like before.

But once I made a quality decision and set my mind for success and put strategies in place to not go around the same discouraging mountain, I have never looked and felt better and fitter, now that my mind is made up I will continue to train and enjoy the journey.

So don’t quit, don’t get discouraged, don’t lose heart simply get back up again if you have fallen and start shredding that unwanted belly fat and make this year better than last year.

Second key is programming your mindset for success.

Your mind is simply a blank canvass or screen which requires impute and information to be relayed on to it for direction.

The mind can be programmed just like a computer can be and directed and set in any direction just like a GPS is when you want to go to a certain destination, you put in the destination and follow the instructions.

The problem for most of us could be that the program or software that is being uploaded can either be distorted or damaged along the way by corrupt files i.e. negative thoughts or destructive patterns, or learnt behaviors, that should have been checked and stopped before entering the main entrance of your conscious mind.

The truth is that you have more control over your own destiny than you have ever thought possible, think about it when you are sure about something let’s say directions to a friend’s house you will fight and get loud and be very passionate and persuasive about your opinion regardless if there is opposition.

So even if the physical evidence around you suggests that what you are saying is not correct you will still argue your point if your confident.

You have more self-control and can change your mind and set it for success if you would only believe in yourself as you would when you believe your right about something.

Third Key to Changing your mindset is Action.

One of the greatest and most powerful keys to long term success in any area of life is going to be taking action in the direction you desire and being consistent by taking small achievable steps on a daily basis.

Once you have a goal in mind for example losing 15 kgs and getting in better shape this year than last year, this will then mean that you will have to have some clear written out steps on how you will achieve your goal within your daily routine.

As mentioned in a previous post, goal setting is vital to long term success, one form is SMART goals which will enable you to have clear direction in which your mind will be traveling in.

Clear direction will make the journey easier as we all want simplicity in our busy and complicated lives, this will mean that you will have a step by step road map laid out for you and all you need to do is follow the steps that you have and achieve your goals step by step.

Fourth step is not quitting and giving up

If you’re like most of us when we try something new and put in the hard work and effort, for some strange reason we think that we will see immediate results overnight.

The truth is for many who are serious about fat loss and shedding belly fat and are over weight you didn’t get yourself over weight overnight or even after a week of indulging, it happens little by little as you ate and snacked more over time.

Same is true with fat loss and shedding belly fat, it takes time to not only visually see results but realize things are also changing internally such as your organs having to adjust to the change in your body.

So if you haven’t seen any result after the first, second or even third week of hard work and eating foods that you never thought you would, just hang in their things are happening and change is occurring, anything good in life takes time to develop, you’re on the way to having your own best fat loss journey.

If this has inspired you to make the change in your own life and you have had enough of Yo Yo dieting and going up and down with weight, then leave a message below I would love to get back to you and encourage you on your journey.


  1. I especially like the part about the mind. I took an NLP course this year and it was also dealing with how to program your mind for success. It is very much transferable to working out for improving your body as well.

    • Hi Juan, thanks for the comments left, yeah your right once you set your mind and make a quality decision you can achieve your goals what ever arena in life.

  2. Love your site, I also am busy with something similar to this site, very impressive.

    It is so true, if your mind set is not right, you wont succeed in anything, and also having confidence in yourself is a big one, I honestly think a lot of people sit with that problem, and all fails there after.

    • Hi Candice,
      Thanks for the comments you left on my post, their is a famous saying, where the mind goes the man follows, this is true in every area of life including fat loss, success starts in the mind and the rest of the body follows, if you require any further information or tips please let me know.

  3. Hi great post, it’s all about dedication and hard work! success doesn’t come easy, it requires self motivation and repetition. I like how you explain this in your article and it was an interesting read!


    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for visiting my page and leaving comments on my posts, you are right dedication and hard always pays off, the road to success isn’t easy but worth it.

      Thanks again

  4. Thank you for the awesome post. I agree with everything you say. Mindset is so important. It can either encourage or discourage certain behavior or action. I am also a true believer that anything is possible if you put your mind and heart to it. Great read. Thanks for sharing.

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